Kevin Lim 林振國

Cofounder / Chef Owner

林振國 (Kevin Lim)於2011年創立又又設計。Kevin 林振國在麻州出生,分別居住過香港及美國。 他在美國康乃爾大學建築藝術規劃學院(AAP, Architecture Art Planning)建築系畢業,亦擁有巴黎藍帶廚藝學校(波士顿)應用科學專科學位。

畢業後,他在麻州韋爾斯利鎮蔡明昊厨师的餐廳 Blue Ginger 擔任廚師。他也在波士頓城T.A.T.建築辦公室工作。

Kevin作為董事總經理,他領導又又設計有方,並分別四次獲得由 Interior Design Magazine 美國室內設計雜誌雜誌頒發的年度最佳獎項。2012 獲得 Perspective 雜誌所舉辦的「40 under 40」(四十驕子)大獎,並且獲得 Guangzhou Design Week 中國設計傑出青年的「40 under 40」(四十驕子)大獎。

Kevin Lim founded OPENUU in 2011 with Eddy Man Kim and Edward Yujoong Kim. He was born in Massachusetts and spent his life in Hong Kong and the United States. He received his Bachelor of Architecture from Cornell University’s College of Architecture, Art & Planning and an Associate of Applied Science from Le Cordon Bleu.

Honing in on his expansive educational background in design and architecture and the culinary industry, Kevin worked in the architectural office of T.A.T. of Boston, Massachusetts and as a chef in the kitchen of Blue Ginger of Wellesley, Massachusetts, before co-founding the OPENUU design studio and establishing OPENUU’s presence in Hong Kong.

Now, as Managing Director, Kevin has spearheaded, managed, and delivered an extensive portfolio of OPENUU projects that have won four Best-of-Year Awards by Interior Design magazine, along with Perspective magazine’s 40-under-40 Award, and 40 under 40 Designer Award in China (Hong Kong) 中國設計傑出青年, by Guangzhou Design Week.

Additionally, Kevin has continued to advocate of the value of architecture through the AIA, where he serves as the 2019 President of the AIA Hong Kong Chapter.