Caroline Chou 周志憶


周志憶(Caroline Chou)是一位在美國德州普萊諾出生的台灣人,分別居住過台灣及美國。她擁有衛斯理學院學士學位,並在羅德島設計學院建築學碩士畢業。同時她是美國建築師學會會員。她曾經在台北的 Steven Leach (李肇勳集團綠建築設計部)﹑香港的 CL3 (思聯設計) 做建築及設計工作。

周志憶 Caroline 累積了許多設計經驗,從小型商店、大型住宅到商業大廈如倚南(H.BONAIRE)和勒泰商業地產的商業大廈項目。

她為又又設計設計總監,這些經驗絕對會為又又設計帶來正面作用。她也獲得 Interior Design Magazine 美國室內設計雜誌獎項認同『Mean Noodles麵佬到』。

Caroline獲得 Guangzhou Design Week 中國設計傑出青年的「40 under 40」(四十驕子)大獎。

Caroline was born in Texas, and spent her life in Taiwan and the United States. She received her Bachelor of Arts from Wellesley College, and Master of Architecture from Rhode Island School of Design. Caroline, an Associate AIA member, volunteers at the AIA Hong Kong Chapter as the Young Architects Group Chair, providing her expertise and passion to the community of young individuals who have made significant contributions to the architecture profession early in their careers. She also conducts student interviews for Wellesley College as an Alumnae Admission Representative.

Prior to her role at OPENUU, Caroline worked in the architecture and design offices of Steven Leach International in Taipei, Taiwan, and CL3 Architects in Hong Kong – all of which gave Caroline the expansive industry knowledge that she now brings to her current role as Design Director of OPENUU.

As Design Director/Partner, Caroline brings experience ranging from small retail spaces and dynamic F&B spaces to large-scale residential and commercial towers in Hong Kong, including H.Bonaire and LT commercial building. She also received Interior Design’s Best-of-Year recognition in 2017 for her work as the Design Lead on Mean Noodles. In 2019, Caroline received recognition for 40 under 40 Designer Award in China (Hong Kong) 中國設計傑出青年, by Guangzhou Design Week.